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ArtSense is a platform where creators of digital art can publish their works and easily find their audience from all over the world.

It's a single place where social network, content distribution and crowdfunding are connected so that users and creators won't need to switch between different platforms.


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On ArtSense "like" button is more than just a decoration. Users can express their admiration by rewarding creators with real money in a single click.

We are convinced that voluntary financial support from art lovers from all over the world will encourage authors to keep creating an excellent art.

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We believe that art should be free and open for everyone.

Every single piece of art on ArtSense is licenced under one of Creative Commons licenses.

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ArtSense supports all types of digital art content - audio and video players, image gallery and text reader.

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Find a greatest inspiration from rewards, know your top fans and become popular with your skills and originality.

Julia Fedorova
4 hours ago
Who is it?
Dawn of Zarathustra
2 days ago
Live Kyiv 2018 16:26
Closer To The Stars 6:11
Lonely Time 3:24
The reason 7:01
Taras Maslov
1 week ago
I never want to be alone:
You see - we're playing, see - we won,
And sights will keep us under clouds...
And please, don't tell me how it sounds.
And love is waiting down the street,
And we will fight, will not defeat,
Until the raised morning sun,
Presenting fun for everyone.
And you will say: "Don't be too fast",
Vlad Shpuryk
1 week ago
Flight of Fantasy 3:01

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Critique from users, creator's fans community, regular rewards, ratings, automatical art quality moderation, flexible download options, personal creator's statistics and QR code for even faster rewards.

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